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After the wife and brother of Saudi-born, Wall Street whiz Hal Hamaly are murdered by radical Islamists in a Riyadh shopping center, he reverts to his Bedouin heritage and code of honor to exact his revenge. While in Riyadh, he’s seized by radical Wahhabi cleric, Sheik Alomari who threatens to murder all of Hal’s other relatives unless he joins Alomari in Jihad against the West. While not trusted by the clerics, Hal agrees to Alomari’s terms, knowing that Alomari has many ways to insure against Hal’s possible betrayal. Hal’s initial assignments—kill all his Jewish partners, and negotiate and finance the purchase of an arsenal of Soviet made suitcase nuclear bombs for simultaneous strikes on New York and other U.S., European and Asian cities.


The colossal attack is designed by Alomari to demonstrate the power of the Islamic Jihad against the western Democracies and crush all infidel resistance to the restoration and spread of a world-wide, Wahhabi controlled Islamic theocracy.