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The Dead Presidents Club

The Dead Presidents Club: Tom Paine's

The Dead Presidents Club: Tom Paine's "Common Sense" for the 21st Century
by Harris Baseman

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It's a dream interview with a former President of the United States, but which President? He can remember a blinding light and thinking some moron failed to dim his headlights. Then nothing. Now, he's sitting in some club and being approached by a man that looks like George Washington.

It has to be a hoax. But it turns out he's at The Dead Presidents Club where he also interviews, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy and other deceased Presidents.

He learns that the Dead Presidents have no confidence in the ability of today's leaders to solve today's great issues. As the interviews continue, he hears how the experiences of the Dead Presidents with problems of the past can provide solutions for the problems of today, most notably, the energy problem, the threat of terrorism and the war in Iraq.

He finds great wisdom and a new perspective from the interviews. But will he find an audience?